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Rendia helps you connect with your patients and empower them to make informed health decisions. Our engaging videos make health information easier to understand so patients retain your critical messages.

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Robust patient education in one great package

In the exam room

Use Exam Mode to enhance your explanations with 3D anatomy visuals. Tailor your conversations as you draw on screen — showing conditions, progressions, and treatment options.

On the practice screens

Play Rendia videos on your screens and devices to educate, calm, or motivate your patients as they prepare for their appointment. Choose from hundreds of video options, or use one of our custom pre-loaded playlists.

Beyond the practice walls

Deliver high quality videos to your patients everywhere they think about their health. Embed videos on your website, share on your favorite social media sites, and email directly to patients and caregivers when they need it most.

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Only in
the exam room

Only in the exam room

  • Use Exam Mode chairside to discuss complex conditions and treatments
  • Annotate directly on screen to reinforce important information
  • Navigate through clinically accurate 3D anatomy to convey your message quickly and effectively

Only on
the practice TV

Only on the practice TV

  • Play Rendia videos on a continuous loop so your staff can set it and forget it
  • Customize your patient's experience with hundreds of video options
  • Upload your own content to promote services, testing, and treatment options that you offer

Only beyond
the practice walls

Only beyond the practice walls

  • Use Rendia videos to strengthen your online presence and attract new patients
  • Provide easy-to-access content so patients know what to expect and ask more relevant questions
  • Encourage patients to share your content via social channels to help promote the services you offer

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