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LASIK - Introduction

Get curious patients to ask you whether they are candidates for LASIK.

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Corneal Transplant




Intravitreal Injections

Glaucoma Surgery

Macular Degeneration



Punctal Plugs

Retinal Detachment

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Our video library is always growing as we update and create new content as health care evolves. As your partner in patient care, we encourage you to tell us what concepts patients are struggling to understand, and how we can help!

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How to Discuss Elective Treatments with Patients

We've all been there: you leave a store spending more than you intended on something you didn't really need then instantly feel buyer's remorse once you get home. We all hate that experience, and you'd never want patients to leave your office feeling disappointed. So when presenting patients with elective treatments, how do you "sell them"" without acting like a used car salesmen?

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