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Get your entire staff on the same page with consistent messaging

Show educational videos to empower your staff to provide superior care and have more meaningful patient conversations

For Example:

Audiologists can help staff grasp the most common type of permanent hearing loss with our Hearing Loss: Sensorineural

Eye care providers can use Rendia's Point-of-Views (POVs) feature in Exam Mode to show staff members how patients with different eye conditions experience the world

Teaching empathy in this way helps ensure that everyone on the care team has a strong appreciation for what patients are going through

Equip staff with the videos they need to talk to each patient about what treatment options are available for their specific condition, what tests they'll receive, and what to expect during those tests

Your staff members can use our Allergies: Testing video to explain what testing options are available for allergy patients

Our What Is A Refraction Test? to prepare patients for their upcoming eye exam

Or, our What to Expect at a Hearing Test video to let patients know what to expect during their appointment

Prepare your staff for your most common patient types with ready-made video playlists

Perform lots of LASIK consultations? Have LASIK: During The Procedure and Laser Vision Correction Pre-Op Instructions queued up and ready to review with patients chairside.

See a lot of new contact lens patients? Have a playlist ready with our Success with Contact Lenses and Set a Reminder to Change Your Contact Lenses videos to send home after their appointment.

Or maybe you get a lot of sleep apnea patients, in which case a prepared playlist of Sleep Apnea: Symptoms, Sleep Study: Overview, and Healthy Sleep Tips would be an invaluable timesaver.

No matter your specialty, Rendia's drag-and-drop functionality lets you easily create customized playlists that align with your typical care flow.

Learn how consistent messaging can transform your practice.

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Learn how Rendia’s Outcome Simulator enables your staff to have more effective and efficient conversations with refractive and cataract surgery patients