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Create a more efficient practice workflow

Ensure patients show up to their appointment prepared by sending relevant videos in advance

You can encourage new patients to activate their patient portal by emailing our What's a Patient Portal Video ahead of their appointment.

Streamline this process by delegating a staff member to be responsible for collecting patient emails and for sending out your most popular video content at the end of each day for the next day's patients.

Example videos your practice can send to patients before their appointment

Optimize patient downtime at your practice with educational video content at every step

Play videos such as How The Voice Works on the TVs in the waiting room or on the idle computer screens in the exam room.

Avoid distractions during patient consultations by proactively (and politely) asking patients to silence their mobile devices before entering the exam room with our video, Please Silence Your Cell Phones - perfect for the waiting area.

Prompt patients to ask questions about what they've seen with our video, For More Information, Ask Us Today!

Queue up relevant videos like GERD and LPR on a patient-facing iPad so they can continue to learn about their condition when you leave the exam room.

Cut down on unnecessary calls from patients by sending them home with relevant video instructions

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