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Foster patient loyalty with a strong doctor-patient relationship

Set a positive tone for every appointment from the moment patients walk in the door

On the screens in your waiting room, use Rendia's comprehensive video library to play informative videos about:

Health topics

Products and services you offer

Motivational health tips and messages

Fun trivia

Providing purposeful, action-oriented health information during this wait time allows your patients to feel more involved in their care decisions, makes for a more efficient exam room consulation, and can even encourage patients to ask about elective treatment options they may not have considered before entering your office.

Use our interactive anatomy tool, Exam Mode, at the beginning of each consultation to review the basics of anatomy

With Exam Mode, you can quickly navigate through high-quality, clinically accurate anatomy and annotate directly on screen to explain the conditions, procedures, and treatment options that are relevant to each individual patient. Taking only a few seconds to orient patients will help them get to that 'aha' moment of comprehension faster, and will save you and your staff time explaining down the road.

Keep your patients coming back (and your practice top of mind) with timely video greetings

For Example:

  • On their special day, send a thoughtful Happy Birthday message as a simple gesture to show patients you care.
  • During the holidays, you could send patients good cheer with a our Holiday Wishes video.
  • Or, before their next appointment, send Upcoming Appointment Reminder along with Prepare for Your Appointment to ensure patients arrive ready for a productive office visit.
  • Learn how Rendia has helped practices like yours strengthen the doctor-patient relationship.

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