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Interactive patient education software

helps you and your patients understand each other better

Simplify Complex Topics

Simplify Complex Topics

Exam Mode, our interactive 3D anatomy tool, lets you:

  • Draw directly on-screen as you navigate through anatomy to orient your patients
  • Visualize anatomical functions, conditions, and treatment options
  • Personalize each patient conversation to make health information easier to understand

Exam Mode saves you time in the exam room because a picture speaks a thousand words.

It's a simple solution to your most complicated conversations.


of patients approved of their doctor using technology (including desktop computers and mobile devices) during a consultation


of patients said technology positively impacts their overall experience, especially when it's "used collaboratively to educate or explain."

"Being able to quickly give them a tour of an eye to clear up some simple misconceptions leaps the conversation forward and personalizes their eye experience whether they are completely healthy, have advanced disease, are 5 or are 100. The Exam Mode has done all that and [it's] been awesome to use."

— Dr. Joseph Deering, Winchester Optical Inc.

Meet every patient's need

Rendia's comprehensive video library lets you:

  • Choose from hundreds of videos to create customized playlists with effortless drag-and-drop functionality
  • Upload your own content to play alongside what's already available
  • Organize your videos and custom playlists to fit your practice's workflow
  • Keep your video content fresh with our regularly updated new releases section

Our in-house, professional animation team takes each element into consideration — from the colors we choose to the words we use — to meet our high standards for making quality content that's informative, accurate, and highly engaging.

"Very relevant and comprehensive video library."

— Dr. Christopher Wood, Northwest Eye Physicians

According to the Journal of Medical Internet Research, verbal explanations when used in conjunction with relevant health animations are proven to be the most effective way to improve patient recall for patients of all literacy levels.

Make a Lasting Impression

Play Rendia videos on the screens and devices in your waiting rooms to:

  • Connect with patients from the minute they walk in the door
  • Educate, motivate, calm and entertain your patients at every step of their visit
  • Customize as you like, or use one of our templates to get up and running quickly

Patients feel like time flies by when you play engaging and entertaining videos while they wait. It's a great conversation starter for discussions on everything from better health behavior to premium treatment options.

Longer wait times are associated with lower patient satisfaction, lower confidence in care provider, and lower perceived quality of care. Help reverse these misconceptions by playing Rendia videos in your waiting rooms.

Play informative videos about: health topics, products and services you offer, motivational health tips and messages, or even fun trivia. Best of all, no ads!

"I love that the looping content is automatic and I do not have to rely on myself or a staff member to actively engage patients about various topics."

— Dr. Nicholas Belill, Belill Eye Care

Educate Beyond the Visit

Share Rendia videos electronically:

  • Embed videos on your website to turn prospective patients into new appointments
  • Send pre-appointment emails to prepare patients for their visit
  • Send emails after the visit to reinforce your message and keep patients coming back
  • Post videos to social media to enhance your online reputation

Promote your brand as a leader in the field and a go-to source of information. Enhance your online presence with a personalized practice profile and watermark displayed alongside every video you send or share.

Rendia has helped practices like yours strengthen the doctor-patient relationship.

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Track how Rendia is helping your patients by monitoring your progress on your dedicated dashboard. View real-time statistics to see what's resonating with patients.

Ongoing Support

Take advantage of unlimited customer support. Email, call, or chat with your assigned Customer Success Manager. We're always here to make sure you're getting the most out of your subscription.

"It's that type of awesome customer service that makes us so glad that we've partnered with Rendia to aid in our patient education."

— Stephanie Bradley, Kugler Vision

At Rendia, we're your partner in patient care — working with you to meet your practice's unique needs — and taking your feedback to continually improve our product and services.