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What to Expect at a Hearing Test

Let patients know what to expect before they come in for a hearing exam.

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Other video topics include:



Ear Tubes

Ear Wax

Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

Hearing Aids

Middle Ear Infection


Perforated Ear Drum

Swimmer's Ear


And more

Our video library is always growing as we update and create new content as health care evolves. As your partner in patient care, we encourage you to tell us what concepts patients are struggling to understand, and how we can help!

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New Study: The Impact of Patient Education on Perception of Care

Substantial research has been done to evaluate what types and methods of patient education are most easily understood by health care consumers. While comprehension is certainly important, it’s not the only measure of educational materials’ impact. Ultimately, patient education has the power to affect health outcomes and patient experience—and even whether patients will refer friends and family to their doctor.

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